her mouth is a cathedral
you go there to confess your sins
and have them forgiven
her thighs are the altar
where you worship her
her hips are holy
when you touch them
you feel cleansed
and full of fire simultaneously
she is a goddess
she is terrifying
with hands like silk and sandpaper
she is the place you go to sin
she is the place you go to repent

someone should have told you
not to love this way
you cannot love people like they
don’t make their own mistakes
some people do not want to be worshipped
some people do not want to
be saviors
some people do not want
to be the place you go to find God


"This love will not
save you,
but it will make you
want to stay."

"There Will Be Days," alonesomes (via lovemestarkly)

(via alonesomes)

"I only know how to exist when I am wanted. Girls like us are hardly ever wanted, you know? We’re used up and sad and drunk and perpetually waiting by the phone for someone to pick up and say we did good. Well, you did good."

Mary Lambert, I Know Girls (via brayofheart)

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Drawing on People part two!

She’s sexy

White People with Dreads




Setting aside the issue of cultural appreciation vs. appropriation, because i’m no expert on that

The reason why i’m repulsed by white people with dreads or locs is because of hygiene

Basically, considering how different our hair textures are, there is nothing anyone can…


hah sorry this kind of became a tutorial

yes, you can have hair that doesn’t reek if you’re dreading a white person’s hair. i’m going to refer to ‘white hair’ and ‘black hair’ as fine or coarse from now on, because the texture is what matters when it comes to lockin’.

generally it is much easier to upkeep dreads with coarse hair- the cuticle is already a bit roughed up, ideal for hair you want to mat together, and it is much easier to form the sections that, depending on your method and general upkeep (twisting, gel/cream, etc) eventually do ‘lock’ together and create locs.

however, when you have fine hair it can be a lot harder to create a good basis for dreads, so you use a completely different method if you want to do this right.

from personal experience, its good to rough up fine hair first- something gentle such as using a deep clarifying shampoo (or bar soap) or, if you want to go all in, perming your hair so it gets a coarser, curlier texture. tbh laying around with a head full of greasy hair won’t do shit for you unless you want a big lumpy mess of natural dreads.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: AFTER WASHING HAIR, DRY IT COMPLETELY. dry hair is happy hair. dry hair is good. more on this later.

you start by sectioning off hair and backcoming, backcoming, backcoming. get it into a big ratty puff (the length of the hair will decrease of course) and palmrolling the lump. you want to get the lump into a kind of tube shaped piece of hair, with all the excess hair sticking closer and already knotting a bit on the surface. at this point you can a) crochet the hair in on itsself, or b) just throw a bit of beezewax on it and continue throughout the whole head.

instructions for upkeeping dreads:
-tbh the first few days i usually tell people to wait a bit, just in case. rolling around on your pillow will help get it knotty.
-wash your fucking hair. just be gentle. don’t be some nasty ass running around with greasy hair thats gonna help loosen up the roots and make you look dumb. get bar soap (dr bronners peppermint is a fav, keeps ya from itchin too) and wash your scalp gently, then, wash your dreads gently. some might start sticking together if you rub too tough so be gentle, and if you find snarls nows the time to work it out. rinse. hell, if the snarls are that bad you could conditioner on that section- this generally doesnt happen until a few washes in though.


do you want the dreads your friend just took ages to do to mold? mold and fall off? start reeking of mold? no. you don’t. take the time to blowdry your hair fully, make sure every single dread is dry. if you blowdry your hair the heat also helps damage your hair and knot it together! so do it, do it good.

your hair might be puffy after, so palmroll them into submission and use bees wax as needed.

it might take a while, but god damn you’ll have some great dreads if you wait and properly maintain your hairstyle

btw, unless you use the crochet method on fine hair it’s hardly locking as much as jus matting due to intentionally snarling it into a controlled mass of ratty hair. woo semantics

source: i went to a school that had a special focus on ethnic haircare, which piqued my interest in learning how to properly do dreads on all hair types. 


i’ve noticed that a lot of people confuse “respects women” with “respects women they consider respectable”.  

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*is a good girl*



*knows it*

*acts so different around drake*

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I’m already seeing back to school ads and it’s fucking July like damn can we get through July can we do July first shit

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